Ford F-150 “The Truth About Trucks”, “Legends and Myths”

At Jackson-Dawson I spent a lot of time working on the Ford F-150. I created a dealership display program called “The Truth About Trucks” which included video we shot in an LA studio stripping competitive pickup trucks down to the frames. I was amused to feature a comparison of whose bed bolt was longest, which was believed to be an important feature to customers.

The display would attach to the side of a pickup truck in the showroom and play the video, while customers could pick up literature and fondle real bed bolts and frame rail cross sections mounted on the piece. The supporting website was one of the first flash all video sites launched by a car company. As the art director, I focused on combining tech and tough; I scanned bolts from a computer hard drive to use in the ‘bolted on’ look panels in the collateral, and photographed sheets of steel for the background textures and shot all the parts on brushed steel sweeps.

This campaign got exceptional feedback from dealers, who claimed it really helped sell trucks, and I received an award of some kind from Ford for it.

“Legends and Myths” is a good example of a competitive comparison collateral, which I did a lot of at Jackson-Dawson. It was sent to dealers as a selling tool, and used in national vehicle tours.



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